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Industry Waste Treatment: Ato Chernet Kebede Part 2

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Could Genetics Influence What We Like to Eat?

Understanding the roles of genes in eating behaviors and food preferences could lead to personalized diets that are easier to follow

The Ministry of Science and Technology Signed a Tripartite Agreement!

The ministry of science and technology and science and technology information center signed a joint agreement with the famous artist Chachi Tadesse who is known for her charitable works.


The stage of the story of endod was set way back in 1964 in the northern Ethiopian town of Adwa. The then-young Aklilu Lemma, just back after acquiring a D. Sc. degree from Johns Hopkins University

Ollie Is a Slab of Wood That Turns Into a Chair within Seconds

A chair is not something you need only inside the house. You need it out front in the porch, or maybe even outside on long trips and for that purpose, it needs to be portable.

University Industry Linkage

In order to put in use of the new knowledge and research results that are coming out of higher Educational institutions to facilities that provide services and manufacturing industries Linkage between higher education institutions and industries is essential.

A Super-Material That Bends, Shapes and Focuses Sound Waves That Pass Through It Has Been Invented by Scientists, Outlines A New Report.

image A super-material that bends, shapes and focuses sound waves that pass through it has been invented by scientists.

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Colorado River Is Shrinking Due To Climate Change

image The Colorado River is drying so rapidly that it will shrink more than 50 percent by the end of the century, a new study reveals.

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E-Cigarettes Act as Gateway to Smoking for Teens, Scientists Warn

image Vaping acts as a gateway to smoking, scientists have warned, after finding teenagers who used e-cigarettes were four times more likely to start smoking tobacco within a year.

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Scientists Developed A New, Less Unpleasant Bladder Cancer Test

image There is a procedure, called cystoscopy, during which doctor inserts a tube with a camera and light into patient‘s bladder. Currently, it is a standard diagnostic technique for bladder cancer.

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